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Nor do I recall seeing it listed in the keybinds in-game. Context Brightbrown. Sep 25, In windowed mode, open the World of Warcraft menu next to the apple icon on the menubar. Oct 6, Oct 7, 2. Mar 27, Are you running WoW in Window mode? Contact a rep direct! Secret doors, who needs 'em? What do I care about secret doors? Dec 4, CMD tab works in windowed mode on macs, at least now and allows you to not have to reset ui everytime you want to leave wow, understand this is an old thread but I ended up here so will others.

Jul 2, General December 26, Guest Author. Alt-Tabbing in Windows shows currently open windows and allows to select one of them which then becomes the active window. If there are 3 Firefox windows, then it'll show 3 icons. Switch between different applications: Switch between different windows of the same application: However if the application is minimized then it is not activated which is bizarre!

If you are holding the command key and hit Q then that particular application will quit, if you hit H then that application will hide go behind all the applications? Aasmund Friday, January 11, This is the "tilde" button - right below Esc in top-left corner. Hi Arun, An interesting app I installed on my Mac because the application switcher drives me nuts is Witch: Yet another inconsistency in Mac OS.

Another thing that annoys me to no end: I want to open a new window on this desktop.

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I guess the linked trick may help with this behaviour. Found a solution. Good enough. Steve Jobs is dead. Can we finally fix this?

How to Tab out of Minecraft on a Mac! (AFK Farms, 3rd Person Time-Lapses etc) : Tutorial

Or can someone convince me that the behavior we have suffered through for ages has more value than frustration? Aaargh on Aug 21, Look at it like this: Usually they will be documents or other kinds of content. In OSX the desktop metaphor works a little different than on Windows.

In Windows a window represents an application. In OSX a window usually represents a piece of content, e. When you minimize a window you're not minimizing the app, you're putting a piece of content out of the way because you don't need it at the moment. Think of it like stashing something away in a place you can easily reach it if you need it. Cmd-tab doesn't switch between windows pieces of content but between applications. I'd hate for this behavior to change, it would break my workflow horribly and is one of the reasons I can't stand Windows.

It is perfect for multitasking. I have a lot of stuff open I don't currently need. Say I'm working on some code; I'd usually have an IDE, browser terminal, calculator and a whole bunch of text document for note taking open.

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The things I don't need I minimize. When you cmd-tab between apps you only switch between the things you're working on at that moment.

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Basically the whole point of minimizing is so it doesn't switch to those windows. If you need it, keep it on your desktop, thats what it is for, if you don't you close the document. Minimizing is a bit like a halfway point between that: I don't want with this document on my desktop right now but I might need it in a bit so I'll just stash it in the dock. Aaargh on Aug 22, You can switch to Windows.

There should not be an option, that would almost be worse. If you start messing with the fundamental concept of how the desktop works things become a mess. Options just mean the developer is too afraid to make a choice. I have to use both.

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There should be an option, for the simple reason that I and many, many others like me want one. And I can also use trite phrases to prove my point: One size does not fit all. No, they don't. It means there's an option to change something to the way the user wants it to be. No, it doesn't. Options mean that the developer lives in reality.

The reality again is: Furthermore, the numerous third party tools that actually add this option haven't made OS X fall apart or stop operating. It doesn't stop me from doing one single thing. It changes the one behavior that I wanted changed. The only problem with third party tools is that they're third party and they don't have all the API access that Apple has.

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  • So empirically, you're wrong. Your sense of aesthetic is also way off if you think OS X has got window management right. Numerous hard core Mac fans disagree with you on that one and everybody else in the world using Windows likes it just the way it is.

    OSX #5: Alt-Tabbing in Mac (Switching between windows on Mac)

    I think the only facet of the Mac OS that is decried even more than the bad window management is the Finder. Aaargh on Aug 24, That doesn't matter. Conceptual integrity is more important than you having to relearn some habits. No, it means breaking the conceptual integrity of the desktop as it implemented on OS X. Once you start mixing things up ,that's when it gets confusing.

    Unlearn your Windows habits. WayneBro on Aug 24, Yes, it does. It's not about habits at all.

    Launching and Quitting Applications

    I haven't made that argument once, you're assuming that is the case here. Stop doing that.

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    • It's a really, really weak argument and an obvious straw-man. Conceptual integrity is important, but OS X doesn't have any conceptual integrity in the area of window management. It's absolutely and totally illogical. There is no habit here.

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      Windows window management is logical, consistent and generally preferred by most people over the way OS X does things. You need to learn how to think about things more logically. Aaargh on Aug 25, Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's illogical, it just means you don't understand it. WayneBro on Aug 25,