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Player support lots of popular formats like m3u8,mms,rtsp,rtmp For non-live streams - Support: Remote Playlists User can add their http remote playlists - Support: Secure Playlist - Support: Favourite playlist 2. Download Remote playlist to Local 3. Remote playlist can be add to database straight away 5. The app looks good, has many configuration options and has some advanced features, like video recording. The menu system is somewhat convoluted delineation between various types of playists, delineation between EPG and playlists, etc.

I'm not sure and there is zero documentation, making it impossible to find out. I'm hoping for some udpates in the near future as this looks like a powerful option.

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Play IPTV streams in QuickTime Player - Mac OS X Hints

This app could be much better in Mac OSX but it needs some fine tuning, as it seems oriented mainly to phone users. Nice to have a recoding feature, but there is no way that I know of to specify where to store recordings other than on the system HD, which is not where most users would like to keep large files. Screen image of list cannot be enlarged to occupy the whole desktop. Green buton does nothing. EPGs can be loaded but do not seem to do much.

My only issues was that I actually had to pay for the app for a second time. Call Let Us Contact You. Thanks again for making this happen. Plus I was setup in less than one business day. Feels like we've won the broadband lottery guys! With our FTTB product, you can stream 4k on multiple devices without suffering the buffer! Whether you are a renter or home owner, we've got you covered.

TPG owns and operates the end to end Fibre network infrastructure to deliver our FTTB service which means we have full control over your service quality. A phone service is included in all our FTTB bundles. If you want to make calls, you can Pay as You Go or choose from national and international call options. Where you purchase equipment from TPG as a consumer within the meaning of the Competition and Consumer Act, , that Act creates certain warranties which will apply in respect of the equipment. Your browser does not support iframes. Only available in selected buildings.

Please check availability in your area. Further availability checks will be conducted upon registration. Early termination fees apply. Typical Evening Download Speed is measured between 7pm and 11pm. Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to various factors including interference, customer cabling and equipment, download source, and quality and distance of in-building copper.

The S Bundle has an upload connection speed of up to 1Mbps.


For more information please contact TPG Sales on 13 14 TPG is not responsible for the in-building cabling. Once the FTTB service has been activated, if you currently have any existing services like phone or internet at your premises, you will need to contact your current provider to have these services cancelled to ensure you do not receive any further bills. TPG is not responsible for these charges. If you are also porting your existing phone number to TPG, do not cancel your phone service until the number has been ported. This number will be allocated to you based on the address which you provide us at the time of registration.

TPG will make use of your number as a reference point to charge for local calls. The International Minutes per month included in bundle can be used to call International Landline and Mobile destinations excluding calls to satellite phones listed on our International Call Rates page.


Standard per minute rates listed on our International Call Rates page apply after the first minutes of International Calls and for calls to satellite phones. Unused included minutes for international calls expire at the end of each month. Charges for calls made that are not included in the bundle e.

Standard per minute rates listed on our International Call Rates page apply for International Calls to other countries and calls to satellite phones. All TPG services are prepaid. You must pay the monthly recurring charges in advance. In addition, you must make a prepayment for usage that is not within the included value if any for the plan that you have acquired.

The prepayment will be debited from your nominated bank account or credit card. By acquiring and continuing to use the service, you agree to an automatic top up of your prepayment. If your usage is high, this can occur more than once per month. If you do not exceed the Included Value and do not incur any charges that are excluded from your plan, there will be no automatic top-ups.

We will send you messages about your usage and the debits during the month. If you do not use the prepayment, it will be forfeited to us when you cancel the service. You agree that no bill will be provided for this service and that direct debiting of your account or charge to your credit card may occur notwithstanding that no bill is provided and that it may occur even though you may not have had the opportunity to check charges at least 10 working days before the debit. We may not be able to port your number in all circumstances, including where you fail to provide correct account details, or as a result of contractual obligations with your existing provider.

If you are porting your number to TPG, inbound calling to your number will not commence until porting is complete which will take a further 1 to 5 business days. Monthly access charges are payable monthly in advance. Payment options are Direct Debit or Credit Card. The above fee applies if you give TPG less than 3 working days notice of any change in installation appointment prior to the scheduled appointment communicated by TPG to you.

Fibre to the Building FTTB is a high speed broadband service that is delivered using fibre optic and other network equipment that has been installed in the basement of multi-dwelling buildings. TPG FTTB service is only available in selected buildings, click here to check if the service is available in your area and to register your interest. In this service fibre optic cables are connected to the network boundary point which is the MDF of the customer's building.

Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to various factors including customer cabling and equipment, download source, and quality and distance of in-building copper.

Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. For TPG Voice services, you can monitor your actual usage in near real time , bar outbound calls of various types, and make use of other spend management tools, all via the My Account section of the TPG Website at no charge. For more information about using these tools, please contact Customer Service on 13 14 The primary security tool TPG makes available is the facility to be able to change your password regularly and at no charge via an online system at https: Your FTTB application takes approximately 10 working days however in some cases can take up to 20 working days.

You will be sent an email notification confirming the installation date and timeframe. You, or an authorised representative someone over 18 , need to be at the premises for the whole appointment. TPG's technician will make sure equipment between customer's premises and FTTB head end equipment is connected correctly before the service can be marked as active.

If there is a broadband connection outage in your premises due to power or other faults, the TPG Voice service will not work and you cannot make phone calls including "" emergency calls.

Rebranding Pricing – IPTV Smarters – MAC OS X

TPG's technician will make sure the supplied equipment between customer's premises and TPG's head end equipment is connected correctly before the service can be marked as active. Click here to view a detailed diagram. If you are porting your number to TPG inbound calling to your number will not commence until porting is complete which will take a further 1 to 5 business days. If you have chosen to receive or will be receiving a new number from TPG, your phone number will automatically be assigned to you based on the address provided for the installation.

You can use your current telephone handset, however it will have to be plugged into the VoIP port on the supplied Wi-Fi Modem Router using a standard telephone cable. You will need to provide your current Account Number provided by your current phone provider. This can be found on any bill you receive from your phone provider for your phone service. Providing an incorrect Account Number may result in delays with the porting process and lengthen the period in which you will not be able to receive any incoming phone calls.

TPG will charge you for any call usage. However, inbound calling to your number will not commence on the TPG Voice service until porting is completed which will take an additional 1 to 5 business days after your TPG FTTB service is installed. It works similar to a standard home phone.

It is delivered via TPG's own network so you can expect a high quality of service and enjoy great call rates and super fast FTTB broadband on a single connection. For further details on IP enabled devices contact your device supplier. Since FTTB is a bundle plan, cancellation will cease both services. You can view your outgoing call usage online by logging into 'My Account' at www.

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TPG Voice is a full service including line rental, local, national, international and mobile calls. Customers must not preselect to another carrier or use the TPG Voice service to make override calls on a third party network. You can view the current and previous bills online by logging into the My Account section on the TPG website. It's simple and secure. For a complete list of call rates click here. National Call Cap: Per minute national call charges apply thereafter charged per 30 seconds. National Mobile Call Cap: Per minute national mobile call charges apply thereafter charged per 30 seconds.

For example, if you make a mobile call that lasts 40 minutes, charges are: If you make a national call that lasts 7 minutes, charges are: TPG Voice Service offers a range of free standard features e. However there may be some specific services on your existing line that are incompatible with TPG Voice. Call Waiting feature is ready to use and do not require activation. Standard call rates apply to forwarded calls. Your directory listing if any from your previous provider may or may not be carried across to TPG.

Fibre to the Building - FTTB Plans

TPG will not list your number by default, however customers may choose to list the number in the directory by logging into Your Account section after their account with TPG is active. Please follow the instructions below to register your existing TPG phone number in the Directory Listing:. A new phone number will also need to be allocated. We may be able to offer other products that are available in your new location.