How to open unix executable file on mac

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  4. How do I convert a UNIX executable file to make it readable on OSX ()?
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Today's Posts. Quick Links. Search Forums. Show Threads. Show Posts. Registered User. Join Date: Mar I'm new to Unix and recently received Unix files via email. I downloaded those files but am unable to open them on my computer which uses Mac OS X. How do I open the files?

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  3. Opening a Unix Executable File.
  4. Unix executable file;

Administrator Emeritus. Jun OS X is Unix. By "open" you mean you double-clicked in Finder and it said "There is no application set to open the document"? What kind of file is it? Hi Scott, Thanks for responding quickly.

How To Convert A Text File To An Executable File? - Create an Executable File (Unix)

Under 'Kind of file' I see Unix E Does this make sense to you? Aug UNIX executable perhaps?

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Find all posts by Corona Instead of using "Get Info", try opening a terminal and using the "file" command. That should show the exact file type.

Opening a Unix File with Mac OS X

Hello Corona Is this a file then that I should be able to open on my computer? If it's not supposed to be a program, do what Scott has already suggested for more information on what it actually is. If so, you could try opening them with that program. Barring that, always worth a shot to open a file in a simple text editor to see Tried several suggestions to no avail. The docs were writen on one of those "toilet seat" iBooks in the 90's so I suspect the power pc stuff might not open on an intel mac.

How to invoke a Unix Executable from Windows? | Parallels Forums

If you open an OS X bundle and look at the executable that it runs, it's just one of these things. Anyway, unless you're interested in writing compilers in which case, we could have a great conversation! Try to open it in a text editor -- it might just be readable. Is there a Rosetta Stone program available to learn that language? I think MacOS Can you use terminal and the command line?

I'd like to see what happens when you type file "final exam" including those quotes. Dec 7, at 3: Dusted off the old laptop on which docs were created years ago AppleWorks docs! Converted them to PDFs and put 'em on a thumb drive. Thanks for suggestion, Tom, but I've dumped the files.

As always, I appreciate the generosity of MOL techies.

UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

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