Cube world on mac using wine

I'm here to give you a relatively simple tutorial on how to build a Wineskin Winery wrapper for all the Mac users out there! I love making wrappers for games, and figured it's time to share how to make some of them.

I'll be posting wrappers for other games in their respective subreddits once I get around to it. I won't post an already created wrapper download link.

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I believe you should learn to do things yourself, and not be lazy and wait for someone else to do the work for you. That being said, I've done my best to make my instructions easy to follow, with names and locations of the buttons to press. You need your own copy of Cube World. The wrapper won't work without it, as by itself a Wineskin wrapper is just the translator between two computer "languages'.

Download Wineskin Winery by going to this site and clicking the large "Click me to download" link. If not greyed out, click the "Update" button above the "Download Packages Manually" button. Wineskin will prompt you to install Mono a replacement for. NET and Gecko a browser engine. Cancel both of these installs, and click the blue "Open in Finder" button when Wineskin finishes creating your new wrapper. Then, close Wineskin Winery.


Once that's done, click "Advanced", then "Tools", then "Winetricks". Search "vcrun" in the top search bar, click the arrow next to "dlls", then check the box next to "vcrun".

Now click "Run" and then click "Run" again in the popup window, accepting the license agreement and clicking "Install". If you see something like this status number can vary:. Then, repeat this step from the beginning. Now click "Run", and then click "Run" again in the popup window. And that's it! Click "Done", quit Wineskin.

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If anything is unclear, inaccurate, or if you are getting errors, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to help you out. I'd imagine you set up Boot Camp, install DirectX, and you'd be good to go. I use VMware so this is just an off the top of my head guess. Is there a specific error that prevents running cube world on boot camp? Try this then. I played it with the crossover free trial for a week and then waited it out for it to work on mac. Way late, because this isn't my main account. Thanks for your praise!

We Mac users have to stick together: Btw, if you have friends who play cube world, I have a tutorial on how to create a Wineskin wrapper for the server. I don't think anyone else really remembers the craze this game had for all of 15 days when it first came out. I just want the quest system and key rebindings man.

Cubeworld (new game)

I play with a trackpad, so there's no wheel to dodge. Any idea on how to create the cubeworld folder i need for step 10 when i only have the cube world installer that is a. Hi, sorry for the lack of response, I haven't checked this account for a while. By the way, if you have any games that you'd like me to create a wrapper tutorial for, let me know.

Currently I'm very slowly, as I'm very busy with life stuff writing tutorials for Stonehearth, Rivals of Aether, and Momodora: I am trying to make it work All I could find is that there will be a Mac version. Probably a Linux server, I have read nowhere about a Linux Desktop version..

When will cubeworld be coming out for mac os x?

There was a note about a planned linux version. But it's gone now. The game is directX dependent. So i guess the linux version is not one of the next milestones. I would also appreciate a playonlinux solution. So, try using Wine 1. NET wine-mono will automatically be installed , but install d3dx9 in to a fresh virtual drive, as well as vcrun, and then install the game.

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Very little information is given about your system types and all of that, so its hard to tell. Linux Gaming Videos: I tried to install with crossover. I can install and login, but the game is far from being playable.

When Will Cube World Be Released On Mac?