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catastrophic error: cannot open source file "iostream"

No such file Hi, I'm trying to build a dynamic library in Xcode and running into a compilation error finding iostream. When compiling in Xcode 2. No such file or directory Later I tried starting the project as a Carbon dynamic library and it seems to work fine. Now granted, "if it ain't broke don't fix it", but I am curious and worried this will cause problems later. Am I doing something wrong?

fix no such file or directory in code block

The situation start to be very stressful In instantiation of 'std:: For exemple this code give mi problems: I had the same problem with the "explicit instantiation of 'std: I tried out the flags that Qt used to compile a simple main routine. This one was real obscure. Does anyone have reason why this would break std iostream functions? At first I thought it was change in the gcc version with Mountain Lion. Also, this appears to only effect gcc. Clang doesn't seem to have a problem with min-version is seto to Did you guys "file a bug report": This needs fixing in Qt.

JMLA, In the latest xcode the command line tools aren't installed by default. Select "Command Line Tools". Once you do this you may need to re-open QtCreator. But if this is the problem I would have expected Qt to complain earlier about not finding the tool chain. Thanks gosuperninja!

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catastrophic error: cannot open source file "iostream"

It probably helps. Nevertheless the error code is now as below I turned back to one of the QT basic drawing examples, that has always been working! I am afraid I might be forced, to continue my work, to go for a while through Parallels Running build steps for project basicdrawing Running build steps for project ImportMML No such file or directory make: Error while building project basicdrawing target: I had that one a bit ago. It has to do with QtCreator, there was a bug submitted about it. I'm using Qt Creator 4. Maybe you're using 4.

macos - QT Creator - iostream no such file or directory (Mac) - Stack Overflow

In the project settings override the spec and it should get past that issue. Hopefully thats your last problem: If you still want to compile and target Alas it is not included with Xcode 4.

problem with the compilation (fatal error: iostream: No such file or directory)

It's a bit hacky, but the following works Make sure to select the appropriate install directory i. You can substitute 'open MacOSX After installing the old SDK you'll need to add some symlinks: This worked for me. A similar hack can be used to get the Best of luck! Usually you wouldn't need to use the Put the SDK that you use into a mode that is "compatible" with So I wonder why the Probably either a bug, or even more probable Apple just dropped support for developing for I want to use it with OpenCV 2. At first I got a load of weird errors in the OpenCV files, but now I have limited them to the lines with cout in them.

Mac OS X cross-compiler not finding system include files?

I have created a test project with just a std:: What I have done: Well, that was worth a facepalm This was the reason why I assumed the cout was the problem. Trying that in my own code and having another error made me jump to conclusions a bit too quickly I don't know how one would change the flags with cmake which OpenCV uses , nor where to do it within OpenCVs build setup.

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Thanks for this great hack! However, it works only for macx-gcc and doesn't solve the problem when compiling with macx-llvm. Is there any hack known to resolve this issue? Qt Forum. Only users with topic management privileges can see it.