Dragon dictate for mac microphone problems

Another possibility is that Windows for its own unfathomable reasons has changed your device settings — redefined your microphone to be a printer or something equally helpful. Running a microphone check will either fix the problem or give you a more specific complaint to take to Dragon Technical Support. Fourth stop: Is Dragon Professional Individual asleep? Check the microphone icon on the Windows taskbar or on the Dragon Professional Individual toolbar.

How to Fix Macbook Dictation (Speech to Text)

If you are dictating directly into the Dragon Professional Individual document window, the preceding are all the obvious sources to check. Fifth stop: If you use the keyboard to type something, does it appear where you expect it? If not, the problem has nothing to do with Dragon Professional Individual.

Sixth stop: Look at the DragonBar and see whether the circle indicator is green in color. If this happens inside Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word, make sure you close them down along with Dragon Professional Individual and then restart them.


Microphone is not working in Dictate

This usually fixes it. Also, make sure that WinWord. Make sure you actually speak each word fully and speak entire phrases. Make sure your microphone is positioned to the side of your mouth, about one-half inch away. Drag the Speed vs. Accuracy slider more to the right. Click the OK button. If your problem is that Dragon Professional Individual repeatedly gets certain words wrong, make sure you use the Correction dialog box so that Dragon Professional Individual learns about its errors.

If you just select the erroneous text and dictate over it, Dragon Professional Individual will never learn. Get your pauses right. Is Dragon Professional Individual hearing you correctly? Watch the status box, or pay attention to what Dragon Professional Individual types instead of doing what you want. If this keeps happening, you should do Word training on the particular commands that Dragon Professional Individual misinterprets. Hold down the Control key. To easily determine if it is, look at the DragonBar on the right side where you see the circle. If the circle is green, you are in a Full Text Control application.

Some days, you find your documents littered with little words like in or to or and. Your Dragon Professional Individual assistant just seems to have an overactive imagination today. Say Wake up to turn it on. Check your connection Make sure your selected microphone is connected to your computer. If your microphone is missing, do one of the following: Select another microphone from the Dictation Sources panel and click Load. If you don't have an alternative audio source listed, click the icon under the Dictation Sources panel to add one to your profile.

See Profiles and audio sources for more. Unplug the microphone and plug it in again. Check microphone settings If your microphone is not shown as missing, check for problems with the microphone itself. In the Apple menu, select System Preferences. Click Sound. The Sound Preference Pane appears. Click the Input tab. Make sure the microphone appears in the listed devices. Make sure the microphone you configured with Dragon is selected, then speak into the microphone. Check whether your microphone has a mute switch. If it does, make sure the mute switch is off. If you are using a Bluetooth microphone, make sure it is turned on and has enough charge.

If your microphone can be turned off, try restarting it. Try using your microphone with a different computer or device. Restart Try restarting Dragon. Click the icon in the menu bar and select Quit Dragon. Go to your Applications folder and double-click Dragon. You may also want to try restarting your computer. Poor audio quality If Dragon is able to hear your voice, but the recognition seems poor, you may have a problem with the quality of your audio input.

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Check your microphone placement Ensure the microphone is positioned properly and has not moved away from where you originally positioned it when you ran Microphone Setup. Recalibrate your microphone To make sure your microphone is properly calibrated for your voice and environment, you must go through Microphone Setup for every profile and every audio source you use.

Reduce background noise For best recognition, you should always try to minimize background noise. Listen to your audio If the above steps do not solve the problem, try dictating some text into a document, then select the text and say Play the selection. If your microphone needs to be plugged into your computer, check the connection. Try unplugging the microphone and plugging it in again. If you are using a Bluetooth microphone, make sure it is adequately charged. Try using the microphone with a different computer or device, if possible.

How do I get my money back?

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If I had read the comments above I would have been warned — so I experience the same problems crashes all the time and now no start at all. How can we get our money back?? Dragon Dictate 6. I tried loading Dictate upgrades 6. It was a Version that was almost stable before the latest version started crashing again. Has just crashed twice in one dictation. This will be bad publicity when word gets out. I too have a constant problem with the program crashing.

It also has started inserting just a few letters into previously written text. Inside of Excel I have far fewer problems. When working with Word the program is almost unusable. Dragon for Mac v6 is hopeless. Really truly dire. However, I have started using Document Writer Pro free to transcribe text and this seems to work well. Since the last update, Dragon for Mac continues to crash. It dies straight after showing the startup icon. I have sought help from the online resources — alas, nothing is working. Wayne, Yes, thank you. Re-loading means having to re-input all auto-texts!

The biggest problem, really, is that the cursor will sometimes jump to an earlier part of the dictation. Thank you, R Grelsamer, MD. Yes I have that problem too. Dragon things that you want to correct some earlier text, and it jumps back and tries to find it. Once a good program. Now worse than worthless. They ought to be ashamed for marketing such a flawed program. I installed this yesterday. I should have left version 4 there.


Has anyone had any luck with this? It is junkware as far as I can tell. I got two updates yesterday. Works fine with MS Word, Outlook, etc running. Has been running for over 12 hours without a glitch. Recognition is super fast. Yes 6. I set up some commands to copy some text box to notepad for dictation and editing, then another command to transfer it back.

Annoying, not ideal, but workable. After a lot of chasing around a very obtuse web site, I got a refund.

Troubleshooting audio and recognition

It loads OK, and puts up the icon. But if I speak, or click on it, it just shuts down. I lodged a service request with Nuance, no response!