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I would totally visit a MacRumors spinoff site MacHints or maybe something catchier? Is there a way to do file conversions like this that preserves the meta data original image date, etc. Is there a GUI style convention say, the way the button is shaded when you hover over it, or something? Or is it just impossible to tell and you have to try the Option button everywhere you go to try to reveal hidden treasure It just seems so stupid Looks like Automator hasn't been updated and I doubt it will. You could add a terminal command to your Automator Workflow that runs the 'sips' command to do additional filetype conversions.

Preview is one of those secretly really powerful Mac apps for which there's no good replacement elsewhere. At least not that I've seen. My best guess is it's for stuff they need to do all the time within Apple but don't really want normal people doing it - like the way the OPTION key allows the user library folder to appear.


Remember the Apple design philosophy is to minimize your options. So ironically, the "option" key is anti-Apple - it's there because some people simply need the options. But it doesn't mean Apple has to like that fact or make it easy for you. It is a shame normal things have been so well hidden, there is a need for these "How-to" articles. It's like Kai Krause got a job at Apple to hide really useful things from everyone So stupid these great formats aren't in plain site.

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Metadata Editing. Rotate, Crop, Resize, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Blur, Emboss, Sharpen, Masking, Watermark, Vignetting, XnConvert is Multilingual , it includes more than 20 different translations. Instead of converting and resizing each image separately, there are several easy ways to quickly batch convert and resize images on your Mac. Read More and Automator to batch convert and resize images.

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The built-in Preview app has been around a long time and you can do much more with it 10 Essential Tips and Tricks for Preview on the Mac 10 Essential Tips and Tricks for Preview on the Mac Preview is an unassuming app that can do the job of half a dozen standalone utilities. Read More than just view images.

How to Batch Convert Images with Preview

Preview gets better and better with each release of the Mac operating system. One hidden, but very useful, feature is the ability to batch convert and resize a large group of images. Open Finder, select a group of image files, and right-click on them. If you have the Preview icon on your Dock, you can also drag the selected files onto the Preview icon to open them. Select the units you want to use pixels, percent, inches, cm, mm, or points from the drop-down box to the right of the Width and Height fields. Using one of the other options may give you strange results. Enter one or both the Width and Height and click OK.

Batch Resize Photos on MacOS (Automator App Workflow)

Navigate to the folder where you want to save the converted and resized images. Click Options to reveal the Format dropdown list. Select the desired format. This process can be fast or time consuming, depending on the size of your image files, the original file format and the format being converted to, and the speed of your Mac. Solve the productivity puzzle by keeping distractions and procrastination at bay with these smart IFTTT recipes.

Read More. It allows you to create custom automation apps without knowing anything about coding. Using a custom Automator app to batch convert and resize a group of images is faster than using Preview. Once you create a workflow in the Automator app, save it as an application, and add it to your Dock, you can simply drag and drop images onto the icon. Open Automator from your Applications folder.


Next, click New Document on the dialog box that displays. On the Choose a type for your document dialog box, click Application and then click Choose. There are two main sections on the Automator window. Actions and Variables are on the left and the workflow is on the right.